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No one wants to think about passing away. We know that it is not your desire to leave your family behind without the knowledge of your estate or your final plans and wishes.


We understand, and it is our pleasure to introduce a solution. You probably know all about life insurance and even have a policy in place, but does your family have access to your important estate information? Have you told your beneficiaries how to access the information when you pass on? If so, do you think they will remember where it’s located when your final days are upon you?


You’d be surprised how many policies go unclaimed. In fact, the most recent reports have found that there are millions of dollars in unclaimed policies benefits. Some families know their loved one left behind a monetary gift, but they don’t know where to go or who to contact to access the money. Our goal is to eliminate this issue.


Register your policy information with Grandmama’s List today. With just one phone call, your beneficiaries can access your information and be connected with a support team to walk them through the next steps. It’s not enough to leave your assets to your family; you need to ensure they know where to locate them.


Registration is easy, just register online or by calling 877-277-1909 today!

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