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Whether you are a mother, father, spouse, or grandparent, we hope to work with you.


After making the decision to purchase a life insurance policy it is easy to sign the paperwork and move along with life. However, your family may not know where to find this information when you pass on. Many families spend thousands of dollars out-of-pocket paying for funerals and burial services because they couldn’t track down a policy.


Don't let your family struggle with setting up a GoFundMe account or be unable to pay their own bills because they're trying to cover your final expenses; make their grieving process a bit easier by giving them a simple & convenient way to access your policy information without forcing unnecessary expenses and heartache on them.


We serve everyone who will die one day.


Say 'I love you' even in death. It’s time to make giving a future to your loved ones simpler, and Grandmama's List makes that possible. Especially if you are between the ages of 40 and 90, it’s time to think ahead to your family’s future.


Does your family know where your life insurance policy information is? Do they know how to access it? We can show them the way to a brighter future. Register now to get started.


Parents and grandparents, whether they are co-parenting, working together, or running the show on their own, need to think about their children and grandchildren's future. And it’s not just the main income earner in the home who needs life insurance; stay-at-home parents need coverage too. 


There are many things parents and grandparents have to think about such as basic family needs, child care, transportation and college just to name a few and what better way to say 'I didn’t forget about you' even in death by registering my life insurance on Grandmama’s List.


Life insurance benefits allow surviving family to 
take the necessary time to help them regain footing and structure. Life insurance prices will vary among companies and the terms you’re looking for, but there are plenty of insurance specialists who can help you find the right option.


With life insurance, you know your family will be protected and set up for financial success, even if you can’t be there.

As soon as you become a parent, it’s time to think about the future of your child. We urge you to make accessing your life insurance policy information as simple as possible for your children or their care takers. With Grandmama’s List, you can trust us to provide information with your family when they call. We keep it all on hand to make the process simpler for them.


Sign up today for just a $3.95 per month and feel confident knowing your children are protected.



Clear communication means everything when it comes to a life insurance policy. Anyone who purchases life insurance should immediately inform their primary beneficiaries, as well as any contingent beneficiaries. Even if the recipients are young children, it would be wise to inform the executor of your estate about your policy.


Unfortunately, many people believe that once they purchase a life insurance policy, everything else is taken care of. They don’t realize they need to communicate with their families about their end-of-life plans. Someone who is prepared for their beneficiaries to receive their final gift should tell them the name of the insurance company and the beneficiary.


However, for a lot of people, this is easier said than done. That’s why we urge everyone with a life insurance policy to contact Grandmama’s List and safely store their information with us. In the event of your passing, your beneficiaries can contact us to gather your basic life insurance information. From there, they can begin the claim process and enjoy your generosity for years to come. Contact us to register your loved one’s life insurance today.



If you currently have a life insurance policy in place, on behalf of your loved ones thank you for thinking ahead!  Allow us to be the first to say congratulations, and great job putting in place a safety net for your family!

Now Take the next step register your final paycheck with us.


This is the one that will protect and provide for your family for years after you are gone; it’s too important to just assume that it will be found and used.


Instead of purchasing a policy and forgetting about it you need to make sure your family can find all the necessary information regarding your estate when the time comes. For some, this means locking those sensitive documents away in a safety deposit box. For others, it means tossing it into a drawer in the basement. Regardless, if your children aren’t sure where to look for your life insurance policy, they may never be able to receive the funds you took time to procure for them.


From single parents to veterans, you have family you need to look after. Your spouse, children, and grandchildren will thank you for it. Register your information with Grandmama’s List and relax knowing that your loved ones will be well-taken care of because you took the time to ensure they could receive your parting gift.


Take the next step and register today.



If you are serving or have served in the military, we would like to first and foremost say Thank You for serving our country.  


You probably know that you have life insurance. However, did you know that your beneficiaries need to have your policy information in order to access those funds after you pass away? Many people do not know this, and their funds go unclaimed. If your family doesn't know where your information is your children and spouse will be left to handle moving forward with no financial assistance.


Do not leave your family empty-handed; set them up for a brighter financial future. For those of you with a pension, you know you will be well-taken care of into your later years — but what about your children? And their children? Pass on your legacy and care for those you love most, even when you are no longer here to show it. Store your policy information with a trustworthy team who would be happy to provide the necessary information at the time of need.


Grandmama’s List allows you to store your life insurance information in a safe space. For just $45 a year we hold onto your policy information so your beneficiaries know exactly where to go when you pass away. Allow them to confidently enjoy your final parting gift. Say I Love You and set them up for success.


Contact us today to get started.



Whether you’re a firefighter, a paramedic, an emergency medical technician, or any other kind of emergency responder, you serve society bravely and valiantly by working a job that might often put you into life-threatening or dangerous situations. As much as we hate it, the worst can happen, and if you end up losing your life, it’s important to make sure the people you love are well taken care of.

A tragic statistic in the US is that 7.4 billion dollars in life insurance benefits have gone unclaimed.  The worst part is that there is often no good reason for this. In fact, it’s quite often as simple as the family not knowing how to access the insurance policy of the departed. Even worse, they might not even know a policy existed at all if their loved one failed to notify them.

Insurance policies can get lost in the woodwork for all kinds of reasons. Bad record keeping, moving, paperwork getting lost or destroyed, the list goes on and on. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of the digital age we live in, and look to a solution that will ensure everybody can access their insurance. That solution is Grandmama’s List.

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While all parents need to plan ahead to make sure their children are provided for in the event of their death, single parents have double the responsibility to make sure that their children are covered financially.


In United States today, there are nearly 13.6 million single parents raising over 21 million children, and if you are one one of them you know how important it is to take extra steps in planning for the future. Here is one story that speaks to just how much peace of mind can come from knowing you've thought ahead:


Being a single parent of  two college students, one in graduate school receiving a masters degree in mathematics and the other in undergraduate school studying business, I totally understand the need for life insurance. I have taken the necessary steps to make sure my children are provided for in the event of my death. The issue that I have run across is, where can I safely and securely store this information?

How can my children access it easily? Then someone told me about Grandmama’s List. This was the answer to my prayers!!! I know that it is the solution for so many other single parent with this same dilemma.   - Tara R.


As a single parent you've done a terrific job by purchasing life insurance and securing a bright future for your children. 

Now, take the next step and register it with Grandmama’s List so that your children and family will know where your life insurance information is.



Whether your child is physically or mentally disabled, there is one thing that is undoubtedly true no matter what -- you love them to death, and you want the best for them. This cannot be more true than when you consider the possibility of your own death. You have been the biggest caretaker for your child their whole life, and it’s a frightening thought imagining them without the support you’ve always been there to offer.


That’s exactly why we created Grandmama’s List. We think insurance should be easy to deal with, not the nightmare that it is for many families, and this is especially applicable in situations like yours where your beneficiary is a loved one that needs some help fending for themselves.


We want the best for your family, which is why we created a system that allows people to quickly and easily acquire life insurance information on their departed loved ones.



There are many professions that put you at an increased risk of an unexpected death. Unfortunately, being a police officer is one of them. While most people in the police force live to ripe old ages, you can’t afford to take the risk of not making sure that your family is well-taken care of should the worst happen.


Whether you’re caring for a spouse, children, supporting an elderly parent, or a combination of all of the above, your death would hit your family hard. In a time where it would be everything they can manage to just cope with the loss, it’s unfair to also leave them in a position where they’re scrambling and searching for your life insurance information.


Tragically, countless life insurance policies end up going unclaimed due to simple preventative issues such as families not knowing how to access them, or even knowing they exist. Our team at Grandmama’s List wants to prevent this outcome for as many people as possible.

The idea behind Grandmama’s List is simple -- we are a national database of life insurance policy information. If you want to make sure that your life insurance can be easily found and accessed by those you love, all you have to do is sign up for our list, and it’s easy as your family members looking you up.

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