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You work hard to provide for your family, shelter, food, clothes and entertainment, but how can you do that once you are no longer here? Life Insurance! However the key to life insurance is access. Many people do not know where to go to access the funds their parents, grandparents or other loved ones left behind for them. It is our #1 goal to eliminate this issue.

It isn’t enough just to purchase a life insurance policy these days — you need to ensure that when the time comes, this information is easily accessible to your beneficiaries. Millions of policies are never claimed simply because the beneficiaries don’t know where to find them. Allow us to help you care for your family after you’re gone.

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Why Choose Us

It happens all the time: A family member passes away, and the family knows they purchased life insurance. But what company did they get it from? How much does the policy cover? Where is the information about this policy, and can they even access it if they found it?

Grandmama’s List is the first national database of life insurance policy information. Our objective is to provide families a simple and convenient way to keep track of their life insurance, long term care, pensions, and living benefit insurance policies.  In doing so we provide grieving families an easy way to access their loved one's insurance information. We also hope to provide additional peace of mind for those who are planning for their families’ futures.


How It Works


Step 1

Registration is easy!  Simply complete the registration form and pay only $45 for your annual membership.  You can register online, or by calling 877-277-1909.

Step 2

You will receive an email confirmation that your information has been uploaded into our secure database.  You will also receive your welcome package within 4-6 weeks.

Step 3

Family members will contact us to obtain your life insurance policy information at the time of need or death.

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