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Grandmama's List

Special Needs Parents

Whether your child is physically or mentally disabled, there is one thing that is undoubtedly true no matter what -- you love them to death, and you want the best for them. This cannot be more true than when you consider the possibility of your own death. You have been the biggest caretaker for your child their whole life, and it’s a frightening thought imagining them without the support you’ve always been there to offer.

That’s exactly why we created Grandmama’s List. We think insurance should be easy to deal with, not the nightmare that it is for many families, and this is especially applicable in situations like yours where your beneficiary is a loved one that needs some help fending for themselves.

We want the best for your family, which is why we created a system that allows people to quickly and easily acquire life insurance information on their departed loved ones.

How Grandmama’s List Makes Life Insurance Easy and Stress-Free

We Have the First and Only Online Life Insurance Database: In other words, if you sign up for our list, we can store your essential life insurance information in our online database, making it accessible from anywhere, anytime, at any moment’s notice.

We Notify Your Loved One That You Have Registered: When you sign up for our list, the information that you provide to us will be communicated to your main beneficiary, presumably a family member or close friend when you pass away. This means that even if your death is untimely and you don’t get the chance to tell them yourself, they will know where to go nonetheless.

It’s Easy to Use: Our biggest goal in Grandmama’s List was eliminating the quagmire of complexity that usually accompanies insurance-related tasks. Grandmama’s List is extremely easy and simple to use. There is no better way for your disabled child to access your life insurance policy.

It’s Affordable: Our service only costs $45 for an entire year. We believe it would be a crime to charge exorbitant fees for a service that’s created with the intent of helping people in a hard spot. That’s why we strive to make the price as low as possible.

Register for Grandmama's List Today

Registering for Grandmama’s List will only take minutes, and it will provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is well taken care of, something that is priceless, especially when you have a loved one with a disability. Register Today!

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