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Insured Individuals

If you currently have a life insurance policy in place, on behalf of your loved ones thank you for thinking ahead!  Allow us to be the first to say congratulations, and great job putting in place a safety net for your family!

Now Take the next step register your final paycheck with us. This is the one that will protect and provide for your family for years after you are gone; it’s too important to just assume that it will be found and used.

Instead of purchasing a policy and forgetting about it you need to make sure your family can find all the necessary information regarding your estate when the time comes. For some, this means locking those sensitive documents away in a safety deposit box. For others, it means tossing it into a drawer in the basement. Regardless, if your children aren’t sure where to look for your life insurance policy, they may never be able to receive the funds you took time to procure for them.

From single parents to veterans, you have family you need to look after. Your spouse, children, and grandchildren will thank you for it. Register your information with Grandmama’s List and relax knowing that your loved ones will be well-taken care of because you took the time to ensure they could receive your parting gift.

Take the next step and register today.

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