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Clear communication means everything when it comes to a life insurance policy. Anyone who purchases life insurance should immediately inform their primary beneficiaries, as well as any contingent beneficiaries. Even if the recipients are young children, it would be wise to inform the executor of your estate about your policy.

Unfortunately, many people believe that once they purchase a life insurance policy, everything else is taken care of. They don’t realize they need to communicate with their families about their end-of-life plans. Someone who is prepared for their beneficiaries to receive their final gift should tell them the name of the insurance company and the beneficiary.

However, for a lot of people, this is easier said than done. That’s why we urge everyone with a life insurance policy to contact Grandmama’s List and safely store their information with us. In the event of your passing, your beneficiaries can contact us to gather your basic life insurance information. From there, they can begin the claim process and enjoy your generosity for years to come. Contact us to register your loved one’s life insurance today.

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