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Grandmama's List

Active Military and Veterans

If you are serving or have served in the military, we would like to first and foremost say Thank You for serving our country.  

You probably know that you have life insurance. However, did you know that your beneficiaries need to have your policy information in order to access those funds after you pass away? Many people do not know this, and their funds go unclaimed. If your family doesn't know where your information is your children and spouse will be left to handle moving forward with no financial assistance.

Do not leave your family empty-handed; set them up for a brighter financial future. For those of you with a pension, you know you will be well-taken care of into your later years — but what about your children? And their children? Pass on your legacy and care for those you love most, even when you are no longer here to show it. Store your policy information with a trustworthy team who would be happy to provide the necessary information at the time of need.

Grandmama’s List allows you to store your life insurance information in a safe space. For just $45 a year we hold onto your policy information so your beneficiaries know exactly where to go when you pass away. Allow them to confidently enjoy your final parting gift. Say I Love You and set them up for success.

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