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Whether you are a mother, father, spouse, or grandparent, we hope to work with you.

After making the decision to purchase a life insurance policy it is easy to sign the paperwork and move along with life. However, your family may not know where to find this information when you pass on. Many families spend thousands of dollars out-of-pocket paying for funerals and burial services because they couldn’t track down a policy.

Don't let your family struggle with setting up a GoFundMe account or be unable to pay their own bills because they're trying to cover your final expenses; make their grieving process a bit easier by giving them a simple & convenient way to access your policy information without forcing unnecessary expenses and heartache on them.

We serve everyone who will die one day.

Say 'I love you' even in death. It’s time to make giving a future to your loved ones simpler, and Grandmama's List makes that possible. Especially if you are between the ages of 40 and 90, it’s time to think ahead to your family’s future.

Does your family know where your life insurance policy information is? Do they know how to access it? We can show them the way to a brighter future. Register now to get started.

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