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Grandmama's List

How It Works

“One Call Starts It All”

If you want to ensure your loved one's can find your life insurance policy information after you pass away, contact Grandmama’s List! We will provide your beneficiaries your policy information making the claims process easier.

First, register all of your life insurance policies on our website. We ask for basic information, including the name of your insurance company, who is your beneficiary and who you would like us to notify that you have registered with us and for your annual membership payment of only $45. That’s it!

Once you register your information is added to our secure database, and your family can access the information in the event of need or death.

Your love for your family has now come full circle because you've provided for them even in death. When you pass away, your family members call us on our toll-free number 877-277-1909 and they will receive all of the insurance and estate information you listed with us.  The number is easy to find because we will send you a refrigerator magnet and other resources in your welcome packet.

Give your family one last hug and kiss; sign up for Grandmama’s List today.

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