How Grandmama’s List Makes it Easy to Find Unclaimed Life Insurance

It’s an all-too-familiar story for far too many people — one of your beloved family members has passed away, and in the wake of tragedy where you’re already dealing with grief, you find yourself scrambling all over to find out where on earth they kept their life insurance paperwork hidden away.

The heartbreak of loss, combined with the frustration of being unable to locate essential insurance information, is a highly stressful and unenviable situation that we wish upon no one, and that’s why we created Grandmama’s List.

Grandmama’s List, in a nutshell, is an online registry where policyholders can register their life insurance information into a secure online database, which can easily be accessed by the loved ones they’ve chosen as their beneficiaries. You can log into Grandmama’s List anytime, anywhere, so even if death comes as an unexpected tragedy, the family of the deceased will be able to access the insurance money that was prepared for them.

Grandmama’s List is the first service of its kind. Usually, it’s almost impossible to find unclaimed money if you’re missing essential information, which is why there are thousands of cases every year of unclaimed life insurance policies. We want to solve that problem for good with Grandmama’s List. Here are some reasons why our life insurance policy search makes it easy to find important insurance information.

How Grandmama’s List Prevents Unclaimed Policies

Your Loved Ones Are Notified When You Sign Up for Grandmama’s List

One of the biggest reasons why life insurance often goes unclaimed is that the chosen beneficiaries are simply ignorant of the existence of a policy in the first place. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for somebody to file for a policy with their family’s well-being in mind, only for them to never end up giving their family that actual information.

In many occasions, the family is well- aware that an insurance policy exists somewhere, but they don’t know who it was filed with, when, where, or how to access it.

That’s why we make sure that every relevant party is involved when somebody registers their life insurance on Grandmama’s List. If you are the policyholder, we will notify your chosen loved ones of our life insurance registry. We will tell them what Grandmama’s List is, and provide the instructions on how to access our secure database anytime, anywhere.

This is one of the most important ingredients in Grandmama’s List — life insurance policies should be transparent and easy to access for all relevant parties. Whether death happens in a day, a week, a year, or a decade, the insurance information will be safe and sound online, never to be lost like paperwork often is.

Grandmama’s List Makes Your Life Insurance Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

We briefly mentioned this in the point above, but it’s significant enough that it deserves its own mention.

In this digital age we now live in, many things have made the jump from paperwork to the cloud. Unfortunately, insurance companies seem hellbent on resisting this change for as long as humanly possible, and despite the tremendous amount of inconvenience and frustration it causes, most insurance policies are still handled via traditional paperwork.

This, of course, is another major reason why so many life insurance policies go unclaimed.

The Problem With Paperwork

Insurance that is limited to paperwork presents many problems. First of all, it’s easy to lose a piece of paperwork if you’re not being absolutely vigilant, especially if it’s something like life insurance documents, which often are irrelevant for many years. Keeping paperwork in a safe spot for weeks or months is one thing, but protecting documents for years or even decades is another matter entirely.

There’s no telling what could happen — relocation is often the demise of important paperwork as they get lost in the moving process. Children have a tendency to get into all the things they shouldn’t, and sometimes plain old negligence plays a role, as you might end up throwing stuff away when you go through a junk overhaul.

The point is that insurance is very easy to lose, and very difficult to locate, especially if the people trying to find it are loved ones with no notion of where you kept your documents.

Anytime, Anywhere

The major advantage of Grandmama’s List is that you’ll never have to worry about losing a policy ever again, whether you’re the policyholder, or the family member trying to claim it. This is a stress reliever for both parties.

When you sign up with Grandmama’s List, your insurance is kept in a highly secure database, and your specific files can only be accessed by those to whom you’ve granted express permission. That being said, accessing them couldn’t be easier — you simply log in to our website, and you’ll find everything you need. This will go a long way in helping thousands of people to avoid cases of unclaimed money.

It Prevents the Headache of Tracking Down Unclaimed Life Insurance

First off, we need to make something clear — Grandmama’s List isn’t a magic elixir that can conjure up a missing insurance policy. If you have a loved one who passed away without providing you the information you need, we don’t have the power to summon their information unless they had already signed up with us. However, by joining our list, you can prevent this problem from happening in your own family.

And oh, what a problem it is.

If you’re in a situation where there’s unclaimed life insurance that needs to be found, leave it to us to tell you that it’s no walk in the park. In fact, the words “logistical nightmare” might be a more accurate way to describe the experience. Here are some things to expect if you need to dig up missing life insurance info:

  • Raiding Your Loved One’s Property: The first step most people take is taking a deep dive into their lived one’s things to find out where they could have possibly left the insurance information. In many cases, this ends up being fruitless, but it’s a process that could take weeks depending on how much stuff your relative had.
  • Contacting Financial Connections: If finding the actual paperwork doesn’t yield results, you might have to start digging deeper by contacting known associates of your loved one — anyone that might be aware of their insurance policy, such as banks, financial agents, former employers, and so on. This can be a taxing process in which you have to endlessly interrogate strangers over the phone during their work hours to find out if there was a chance that your relative may have associated with them in the process of filing for insurance.
  • Endless Guesswork: Finally, an annoying hurdle in tracking down lost policies is the fact that you’re often making assumptions about their policy — assumptions which have a profound effect on how you conduct your search. For example, the state. If your loved one lived in several states, you’ll need to search all of them if you hope to find your missing policy. You could spend weeks with the assumption that they probably filed in one state, only to find out later that the policy was was filed in another, much more unlikely state.

Sign Up For Our Life Insurance Registry Today

While we can’t recover life insurance that has already been lost, we are committed to preventing this tragic problem from happening to other families. Whether you’re a policyholder or a loved one who has been entrusted as the beneficiary, Grandmama’s List will provide you with inestimable peace of mind. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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